Ideas... yes... now, you have asked about something to which I have given a great deal of thought. And, after years of careful research, I can tell you without any reservation whatsoever, with absolute certainty, complete confidence and an integrity that is beyond reproach, that I do not know the answer to that question... But, of course, I do have a few ideas.



In spite of the fact that I don't know where ideas come from, quite often I do have the good fortune of finding out where they are going. I just wait for a train of thought to pass by, then, I follow it.



All my life I've heard, "where there's smoke there's fire". Sometimes it's just a head of steam... nothing wrong with that.



Ideas... could be, they incubate in my head. That's another good reason for wearing the cap. It keeps my thinker warm so those little guys can develop comfortably.  

Always remember, a warm thinker is a happy thinker.








Keeping your lid on fairly tight, is in itself a good idea. However, it can get dark in there. So, I recommend that you keep the lights on (whether you think anyone is home, or not).

Now, just because I have an idea doesn't necessarily mean that it is a good idea. It may seem like a conflict of interest, but humor does, in fact, have a dark side. As a rule, I do my best to steer clear of it, but sometimes, it can sneak right up on you (lights on, lights on, lights on!)

Reaper:  Hey, that's a really interesting drawing you have going there, RJ. Too bad it's your last... Just kidding... pretty funny, huh?

RJ:  Jeez!.. I truly wish you wouldn't do that.








At the risk of doing damage to a seemingly indestructible mystique, I suppose I should confess that, sometimes, ideas just come to me.




And then, there is the occasional idea that adamantly insists on being drawn.














Be nice, wouldn't it? Even if I had such a formula, no doubt it wouldn't work for everyone. This being said, I do have a little recipe that I have worked up for myself.



Only use the ingredients you like.

Blend to suit your personal preference.

Don't spend any time stewing over it. 



  • work hard

  • play hard

  • good groceries

  • plenty of rest

supplemented by,

  • a good multivitamin  

  • caffeine

  • a positive outlook


My personal opinion is that it's hard to mix in too much of the positive outlook thing. Just keep adding in until it begins to get syrupy. Don't worry if it doesn't seem obvious to you, any good friend will let you know when it's too much.

Experiment. You'll find something that works for you, and, when the ideas do being to flow, well, just keep on pourin'.

Wonderful as all this may sound, bear in mind that even the best laid ideas prescription can go awry. Just as sure as you reach a high point in your ideas cycle you will eventually come to a corresponding low. Aye, there is the rub!

Everything comes in waves. Fear not, this is a good thing, for without it, there would be no surfing, FM radio, interesting flags, microwave popcorn or a way to give people with straight hair character. Rock'n'roll would have never had a new wave, or an initial wave for that matter. The Pope would have nothing to do while riding in that bullet proof car. Miss America might be routinely mistaken for an untalented and ill-equipped statue of liberty impersonator. The closing credits of the Beverly Hillbillies would have been intolerable. The amber waves of grain would have been standing still, suggesting serious ramifications for the purple mountain's majesty, as well as the fruited plains. Shoot, the whole sea to shining sea thing could have been effected. Worst of all - and this cannot be over played - your favorite Aunt would not have been able to signal you when the cookies when the cookies were ready.

In the overall scheme of things, the low end of the wave is good for you. Embrace it, and move on. You'll already be on  you way back up to new and interesting ideas.





Stumped. Seems ominous when you try too hard to avoid it, when in fact, the solution might be as simple as talking the idea over with a friend.




Occasionally, I have noticed, things can take on an all too familiar look and feel. I've found, it can be helpful to take a little time out to introduce yourself to some new and unusual things.

And, when it comes right down to it, it's hard to beat settling in for the evening with a good fire, cup of jove, and a really interesting duck.

Duck: ... and that's when I swooped down - like a bat outta you know where and ripped a couple of feathers right out of the important end of that eagle.

RJ:  No, way!

Duck: Way!

RJ:  Then what happened?

Duck:  I'd rather not say.

RJ:  I understand.



















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