... this is what I'm about.


    Most folks would write elaborately here listing accreditation, personal awards, accolades and the like... but I'm not going to do that. At best these are our stories. We are not our stories.

    Rather, and after a little mindful consideration, I’d like to take a moment to write about something that is not only more important, but far more telling. Something that speaks volumes about who we really are and even more about what makes all of us potentially invaluable to the world. Sounds big, but it is deceptively simple.

Here is a quote by Howard Thurman I truly love that pretty well sums it up:


 “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what

 makes you come alive, and go do that.

Because what the world needs are people

who have come alive.” 


    At first blush it would be easy to regard this as the apotheosis of self-indulgence… and it is. But I would summit that not only is there not anything wrong with this, it is actually a requirement before we can advance much further as a species.

    Here’s how it works. Think of someone you’ve known who was so alive, so positive, so full of enthusiasm (from the Greek enthousiasmos meaning filled with the Gods!) that you were automatically inspired and uplifted just to be in their presence. And, just for the sake of example, let’s say on an average day you normally interact with about fifty folks. Now take a moment to imagine what it would be like if every one of them – without exception – had this effect on you from the time you got up in the morning until you went to bed at night. And now while you are envisioning this don’t forget to put yourself in the picture as having the same influence on all of them.

    All humans are born perfect and immediately have this life giving effect on all those around them. You just wipe their little bottoms, feed them, keep them warm and they are automatically blissful . This is how you started.

    There is something basically right about you. Your potential worth to the world is invaluable. Not only is it ok for you to do what calls to your heart – think of it as an obligation to yourself and the world as a whole.

Now, that’s the world I want to experience. Thanks in advance for doing your part – you have my full blessing!

                                                     in all RJness :)


Foot Note: Regard this as your official permission to listen carefully to your heart and do exactly what it tells you to do. Read this as often as is necessary.