Ever make one of these when you were a kid? Astounding as it must seem, It's really quite simple. Try to contain yourself for a moment, and I will expound.

First, you remove the eraser from a humble, ordinary ol' yeller #2, thus leaving a void where the eraser used to be. Put the eraser in a safe place (waste not want not, as my Grandmother used to say). Now, take another common ordinary ( also humble) ol' yeller #2, and carefully work/press the exposed part of it's eraser into the void. Voila! Cool beans, huh!?

 As with any new and thrilling innovation, there are advantages and disadvantages. The down side is, you loose the ability to erase your mistakes. The up side would be twice the mileage between sharpenings, improved concentration and needless to say, the respect and admiration of any 8 year old you should chance to encounter - regardless!