Hey, you found the place! Come on in, have a seat and a cup of coffee if you'd like. You're just in time for show and tell!

You know, I'm really glad you stopped by. Now, before I show  you around, I should think an introduction would be in order, so, I'm RJ BALLARD, and I am a Cartoonist/Humorous Illustrator (the forward slash works well for me because I'm not always certain where one begins and the other ends). I shan't presume to tell you who you are, chances are you already know... but, if for some reason you don't, trust me, it all works out... eventually.  

Imagination. That's where all these images come from. Imagination... It's not necessarily a funny thing, but of course, it can be.  Imagination comes from the Latin, imaginatio. I have no idea if those guys thought it was funny or not; however, I imagine some of them must have been aware of it's potential, inasmuch as they had enough imaginatio.

Merriam Webster refers to imagination as, "the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality". To create these images, I spend a lot of time with them. So fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, they seem pretty darn real to me at times, and even when they don't they're usually with me, and even when they aren't with me they don't stay away for very long...    Imagine that.





This is me when I'm working.

Not unlike dream imagery, I think all of these ink scratches represent parts of myself. So, I suppose this would be me talking to myself. No, it's not very flattering, but at least now I am out of the closet with it.



Me, when I am not working.



...when I really should be working.

It is important for me that you know no animals were injured or otherwise mistreated in the making of this drawing.



Here I am looking for work.





Doing a little work in the backyard.

Although never a member of the boy scouts, I'm a great believer in their motto, "be prepared".




This would be me having a bad day.



... and even worse day.




I don't wanna talk about it.




Here I am on a pretty good day.



Here I am in my element. And that always makes for a great day.